The Cafe


Enjoy a cup of coffee from Bold Bean Cafe or a pot of tea from Cozy Teas with dozens of flavors to choose from with reading the newspaper, enjoying the free wi-fi, or having a morning meeting with a new client to start your day. End your evening with cocktails in the Parlor that turns over from the cafe at 5:00pm.

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The Conference / Ballroom

Conference / Ballroom

From several rooms to choose from, wow your guests or clients with a meeting at The OASIS in any of the additional rooms. Lounge in Cafe are available anytime during hours open and available to reserve in advance for groups of 10-15 if available. Conference room available to rent for larger more private groups. Upstairs spa is always available for reservations after hours.

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The Office Space

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Office Space

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The Lounge


Modern and classic with the charm of the historic home with plenty of seating and light with beautiful candles and a gorgeous open porch you can relax for hours.

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The Loft

Loft Lounge

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Private Parties and Events

Parties / Events

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Wine Locker

Wine / Beverage Locker

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The OASIS is proud to feature artist Todd Rykaczewski's